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Increases lifting capacity while
decreasing threat of injury.

HANDI-STRAPS™ will virtually adapt to any exercise of lifting or pulling by hand engagement.   From shoveling to picking up objects to dragging or pulling objects; HANDI-STRAPS™ will perform at optimum levels.  

The rubberized strap extension extends just past the fingers and is to be used to secure objects and engage the HANDI-STRAPS™ apparatus.   This rubberized strap extension reduces hand and finger strain as well as protect the hand from abrasives or sharper objects while maximizing grip ability.  

The strap apparatus is fastened by a loop in which the hand, excluding the thumb, is inserted. This loop is padded and includes a piece of very durable webbing to protect the hand from injury, such as a hard surface collision.

"HANDI-STRAPS™ is like adding four arms to the body but distributed to the entire upper body."

"These 'arms' cannot be hurt; they are made of webbing."

Full Medical Testing Report

See us on the cover of Occupational Health and Safety magazine

Located in Colorado, Arizona, Maryland and Delaware are pleased to provide research and ergonomic testing for Handi-Straps. Preliminary testing indicates a significant decrease in the probability of low back disorders as determined with NIOSH standards when using the Handi-Straps. Forces associated with lifting are distributed to the shoulders and upper back, therefore decreasing the amount of low back strain and subsequent injury. Handi-Straps encourages proper lifting technique, thus further decreasing the incidence of occupational low back disorders. This is a "must-have" device in the field of injury prevention for the low back.

Water Bottles
300 Pounds
Patent Pending Worldwide

Special thanks to these publications for testing and writing editorials to bring the news of this product worldwide:

Popular Mechanics, JEMS, Emergency Medical Product News, Roofing Contractor Magazine, EMS1, Houston Business Journal, The Reporter, Occupational Health and Safety, United States Mine Rescue Association, Bottom Line Magazine, Coal USA, Occupational Compliance Adviser, T3 Magazine (UK)

Occupational Health and Safety magazine

Field test results from the Texas Air National Guard
"I have tested and tried the Handi-Straps and find them to be the next generation in lifting and back safety, I would recommend them to anyone."
- SSgt Jim Levine JR. Safety and Training NCOIC

EMS Testing
"I have personally used Handi-Straps and in my opinion they are a must in EMS for prevention of back injuries and in being able to lift a tremendous amount of weight"
- Fred Simko Captain of the Raritan, NJ First Aid Squad

Fire Department Testing
 "Handi-Straps performs amazingly for carrying fire equipment and victims"
- Captain John Garrity of the Bayonne NJ Fire Department

Police Department Testing
"I really could have used the Handi-Straps last week at work. We had two cops performing CPR on a large guy. When it came time to take him out of the house and to the stretcher which was outside, I had to carry him. I had to stop along the way due to his weight. They were able to bring his heart back in the ambulance, but the straps would have helped a great deal. I know because I have used your samples in the past."
- Fred Ryan of the Bernards Township NJ Police Department.

We proudly introduce our manufacturer:
Web Devices, Inc.

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