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Product Function

HANDI-STRAPS ™ may seem like a very simple device but it is designed for many complex purposes.  

The strap going over the shoulder and connecting to wrist area is meant to transfer the load over and on top of the shoulder area.   The strap section traveling below the arm is meant to counter balance the negative leverage of an object pulling the body over.    This strap configuration enables the upper body to remain straight in posture effortlessly as loads are engaged as well as distribute the loads more efficiently over a much larger area.   

The loop for the hand with the extended rubberized straps is designed to secure objects to the hand with greatly reduced strain of hands, fingers, and wrist.    Furthermore, it is for protection.   

The adjustment system may be adjusted at different lengths for different uses by user, but must be at least adjusted so the user cannot fully extend arms downward without straps tightening.    Furthermore, if a user has for an example a “bad” shoulder, by setting the adjustment lower than the other side, less force will be applied to that side and more force to the “good” shoulder. 

When an object is lifted or pulled, the pressure can be magnified up to 20 times in the lower back.   In normal lifting, this opens up the vertebrae influencing a disc to slip and even become herniated. 

Back injuries are the number one claim for disability.   Eighty percent of Americans will suffer a back condition at some point in their lives.   Back injury is estimated to cost the United States 100 billion annually.  

HANDI-STRAPS ™ is a historical breakthrough turning the human body into a more efficient machine; safely, determined only by the laws of physics.  

A typical object held by the hands “pulls” the upper torso forward creating a number of strains in the lower back area as well as the delicate shoulder joints.    HANDI-STRAPS ™ simply transfers the load from the hands to the shoulder area and distributes the load evenly around the entire upper back area.   This places the load resistance much more directly on top of the spine reducing the opening of the vertebrae; a critical risky position.   

HANDI-STRAPS ™ in simpler terms, fabricates four extra arms to secure a load.    These “arms” are not connected to a shoulder socket but distributed over the entire upper back.     Moreover, these “arms” are made of webbing which cannot be hurt or strained.

Therefore, if a user has shoulder damage, the user may choose not to engage the shoulder muscles and let HANDI-STRAPS ™ bypass the load past the weak area. 

Of final description; a load secured by one arm may be transferred to both sides by pushing down the opposite arm nullifying a lopsided resistance on the body.  This transfers the resistance of the object held with one hand, such as a battery; to the entire upper back.  

The HANDI-STRAPS ™ efficient system will make loads feel up to 50 percent lighter than what is typically known.  

HANDI-STRAPS ™ also adds much greater stability of a load because of the safer and more complete transfer of forces than the typical arm to shoulder connection.    This stabilization adds great performance ascending or descending stairs supporting a load.


HANDI-STRAPS ™ may not be optimum for a lift where hand engagement is at floor level.   For these lifts, objects should be raised about 6 ” off the floor.  

HANDI-STRAPS ™ will make the user feel much stronger and able to move much heavier loads.   Do not attempt to lift loads you are incapable of without the HANDI-STRAPS™ lifting apparatus.  Doing so may transfer unacceptable loads to other parts of the body resulting in serious or permanent damage.

Note from Inventor:

Please understand this product to be designed with all logic applications of physics under no compromised quality.   This product is meant to assist the different tasks of lifting and pulling safely.    Respect warnings of this product, and the user must respect their own body, and not abuse with the advantages of HANDI-STRAPS ™.    This product will not enhance the overall load the body can manage.    Please be safe.    




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