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Preliminary and ongoing testing with Military, EMS, Fire Departments and Police have determined Handi-Straps to increase safety for both rescue personnel and victim and may speed up transportation of victim by hand.

" Handi-Straps increases weight bearing stability by distributing exertion to the entire upper body."


"I've recently been in contact with Ron, the inventor of Handi-Straps, a device which claims to increase lifting capacity and reduce risk of injury. Having had my share of back problems, I jumped at the chance to evaluate Handi-Straps and offer my opinion whether it might be of benefit to mine rescuers.

I've tried it and WOW!, it works. So much so, it boggles the mind that no one came up with the idea before now. I think it can not only benefit mine rescuers, fire and EMS professionals, but mining in general.

If you are looking for that better mousetrap in dealing with back injury prevention, you might want to check this out."

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